Absorbent Minds

Maria Montessori says, “... children have a sponge like brain.  They are capable of learning a foreign language without effort.” At LTL we’ve put together a multilingual environment where children hear and learn several languages. 

Native Speakers

We pay close attention to the spirit of the language, so accent, intonation and correct pronunciation are essential. For this reason our instructors are native speakers who speak to children only in that child’s target language. Our students learn from the source.



Linguistic Submersion

Our unique full immersion programs create a “bain linguistique”. We respect the unique way each child learns. We do not schedule specific times to teach the foreign language, our children are constantly soaked in the language. This allows him/her to be in contact with their language at all times. 


OUR Languages

French, Spanish, Mandarin are spoken throughout the day at "Le Nido."  During a student's last year, we introduce English for children that will continue in an English only system.