Le Grand Nido (2.5 - 5 years old)

The focus in these classrooms is on developing autonomy. In this group, we apply an important Montessorian principle: age mixing. This challenges younger students and gives older students a sense of responsibility. 

The LTL environment, curriculum and didactic materials are centered around their autonomy. Every child has his own chores in the class to foster responsibility and community. The chores are also meant to reinforce fine motor skills. 

At Le Grand Nido, we emphasize politeness and courtesy. We work on table manners, etiquette, the respect of others, of the environment, on sympathy and empathy. 

Besides vocabulary and language skills, our toddlers become familiar with numbers and letters, in order to expand their horizons. At this age, we work on sensorial awareness: discovering textures, painting, knowing and recognizing family members (photo albums).

With a basic understanding in place, Le Grand Nido children take the first steps in verbal communication, reading and writing.