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CPS and Living The Language have partnered to bring a unique educational opportunity exclusively to the families of Bronzville Classical School.

After School Program – Schedule

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Bronzeville Classical After School Spanish
from 250.00

NOTE: Registration is now open.
Payment: Initial Registration fee for first month: $250. Monthly payments due the first of each month. Options to make a partial payment or to make payment in full.

Payment Options:

Conceptual Understanding
Language proficiency assessments


We pay close attention to the spirit of the language. We choose to focus on accent, intonation and correct pronunciation because those elements are essential when becoming fluent in a new language. For this reason, our instructors are native speakers who speak to children only in that child’s target language. This assures that the children are learning directly from the source.


Our unique full immersion program creates a “bain linguistique”. We respect every child's unique skills and abilities to acquire new information. We do not schedule specific times to teach the foreign language because our children are constantly soaked in the language. This allows the children to be in direct contact with their languages at all times.

Bronzeville Classical School  8 W. Root St. Chicago IL, 60609

Bronzeville Classical School
8 W. Root St. Chicago IL, 60609