Welcome Home

We are proud to announce our new center located in Chicago's South Loop neighborhood, 2111 S Michigan Ave.
give your child the bilingual advantage.


The space is designed around a Belgium theme, from the architecture to the tricycles, all with the goal of providing your child with an immersive language learning environment. We believe that incorporating Belgium’s most prominent sport, biking, into the facility, will help children in developing their gross motor skills. Therefore, the hallways are designed to allow the children to use the tricycles to ride indoors, especially during Chicago’s most frigid temperatures.  

Le Petit Nido-.png

Le Petit Nido

In this classroom babies typically take their first steps, so everything is within the child’s reach. The classroom offers a fun yet calming environment.

The architect has picked harmonious colors with furniture that accents the room to ensure that the children aren’t overly stimulated.

Everything placed in the classroom is intentional. Our architect has implemented stand-up and walking stations that encourage these developmental milestones.

Part of our core methodology is independence. Therefore, some child-size cots are placed on the floor at the child’s level. This encourages independence because the child is free to go to their bed whenever they are ready.

All of the babies eat together because we view this time as an opportunity to socialize and connect with others in the classroom, no matter the age.  

For the babies that are not developmentally ready to sit at the table, they will eat in small feeding chairs that will be placed near the tables, so that the babies can still absorb the language and interactions that are occurring.