A Message from our Founder

I founded Living the Language with the idea of uniting my two greatest passions: children and languages.

Years ago I was asked to become a Spanish tutor for a five-year-old student named Ella. While I was discussing the curriculum with Ella's mother, I became aware that Ella didn’t realize I was her new tutor because I wasn’t what she was expecting!

Ella’s surprise was natural, because although I looked and sounded like her, I spoke Spanish with a native accent. While growing up, I had absorbed many languages and cultures through my experiences; Ella and I were able to bond over our similarities and my seamless tutoring methods. At that moment, I realized I was more than just a "Spanish teacher." I had taken on the responsibility of giving Ella a new perspective on the world, to help her see the beautiful diversity that comes with learning a new language and culture.

Through encounters like these, the idea for Living the Language was born. Since then, Living the Language has grown into a diverse community of over one hundred children and parents, all connected and supported by a like-minded goal: to learn a foreign language through experiences. I love each of my students, and enjoy pouring my energy and expertise into their development. I believe that there are no “untalented” children, and that we are all accountable for helping children reach a point of excellence.  

Living the Language is a full-immersion language experience. Our primary objective is fluency, which we achieve by allowing our children to learn through real-life experiences. Through language we nurture children to become culturally curious, self-confident, and global-minded.


Brussels, Belgium

Founder’s hometown