Message from our Founder

I founded Living the Language with the idea of uniting my two greatest passions: children and languages.

Years ago I was asked to become a Spanish tutor for a five-year-old student named Ella. While I discussed the curriculum with Ella's mother, I became aware that Ella did not realize I was her new tutor because I was not what she had expected!

Up to this point, Ella never had a Spanish teacher that looked or sounded like her. I spoke with a native accent and learned to assimilate many different languages and cultures into my life through the realistic experiences I've encountered growing up. Ella had connected with me though our similarities and my seamless tutoring methods. At that moment, I realized I was more than just a "Spanish teacher"I had taken on the responsibility of giving Ella a new perspective to view her world through  and to see the beautiful diversity that comes with learning a new language and culture.

Through experiences like these the idea for Living the Language was born. Living the Language has grown into a diverse community of over one hundred children and parents. We are all connected and supported by a like-minded goal, which is to learn a foreign language through experiences. I love each of my students and enjoy pouring my energy and expertise into their development.  I believe that there are no “untalented” children and that we are all accountable for helping children reach a point of excellence.    

Living the Language is a full immersion language experience. Our primary objective is fluency, which we achieve by learning through real life experiences. Through language we nurture children to become culturally curious, self-confident and globally minded.


Brussels, Belgium

Founder’s hometown