In difficulty lies opportunity!

When a child starts at Living the Language, we begin by asking the following questions: Who is the child? What are his or her needs? How does this child learn? How does he or she relate to their environment?

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Welcoming a child to LTL means taking into consideration all their needs and doing everything we can  to better their wellbeing. We don’t simply focus on children’s academic abilities, but also seek to contribute to their social and emotional development. Our goal is to shape children into strong, well-rounded individuals for tomorrow, which requires us to look at each child as a whole and help them develop in every area of life. For this reason we have a psychologist on site that works directly with our children, their parents, and our teachers. 


Sandie Johnson, M.S.W. 
Child Therapist

Sandie is a child therapist and collaborates with Living the Language. She speaks Spanish and French and has two bilingual children. She holds a B.A. in French and Communications and a Master’s in Social Work from UIC. She has worked for 12 years with children pre-K through 8th grade in the public school setting.  

Sandie’s work focuses around using play to assess a child’s developmental milestones, to help children process circumstances in their world, and to better understand how a child is perceiving their life circumstances. Play is a great way to get a glimpse inside a child’s mind since the language skills for “talk therapy” are still developing. 

She loves teaching social skills to preschoolers in fun, playful ways.