Christian and Aimee

Research indicates in order for a child to speak a second language they must hear that language 30% of their waking hours. . . .

 My wife and I wanted our son to speak French. Neither of us are fluent. We tried several of the popular programs around town but he would only speak simple phrases like his name and age.

 Then we enrolled him in the Living The Language summer camp. For 13 weeks, from 9am-3pm each day, Aidan was exposed to French through a variety of activities. The kids had visits to the Zoo, Chicago Museums, beaches and parks . . . ALL IN FRENCH.

 It took no time until he was speaking in complete sentences and in a variety of tenses. We’ve even caught him teaching his younger sister French around the house (she’s two . . .)

 We LOVE the program and can confidently recommend it to parents who are SERIOUS about their child LEARNING a second language . . . Not just being able to say a few words. And the kids have FUN TOO.


Our daughter has attended Living the Language full time since the age of 3. She recently

“graduated,” and tested and entered into a CPS gifted program. Thanks to the fantastic nurturing her brain received while at LTL she not only became fluent in French, she also received a strong base for her math and English language skills.

Her success thus far is due in large part to the great care and education provided at LTL. I can’t say enough about the staff and parents. We also have a son (now aged 8) who has spent summers, school days off, and Saturdays with LTL. He is also fluent in French and thriving at school.

LTL is the best option available in Chicago for parents who want to nurture their child’s young brain with dual-language skills.


. . . [After attending summer camp at Living the Language], Alex will be attending a new school next year, and he placed into second-year honors French!! Result!! He's in 7th grade but will be in the class with 8th graders and some 10th graders. :)

Based on Alex's results, Ben was put in first-year honors French instead of regular French [since they both attended LtL camp].

Thank you!!!

Dr. Tiffanie McLeary

In the year and a half that I have had the pleasure of being a part of the Living the Language family, everyone has upheld the banner of academics with extreme fidelity. As a foreign language immersion school, my son benefits from the excellence of all the Spanish instructors. He soon came home speaking Spanish and requesting some of his favorite items in Spanish.

The overall care and genuine nurturing that his Spanish teacher provided were award-winning. Living the Language has a professionalism that is consistent and consummate. . . . It is an absolute joy trusting such spectacular educators with the love of my life.

Ken and Nicole

We discovered Living the Language in the summer of 2014, when we were looking for a summer language camp that taught French.

We enrolled our then-three-year-old daughter in the Saturday summer camp, and she was immediately immersed in the French language. The first couple of Saturdays were a struggle for her because she had never been exposed to French; however, due to the supportive environment, it didn’t take long before she was looking forward to her Saturdays “at French class.”

Fifteen months later, we have to say, Living the Language has FAR exceeded our expectations! Our daughter has absolutely flourished at Living the Language! At four years old, she is speaking French fluently and is clearly understanding others when they are speaking in French. She occasionally even speaks in French in her sleep! Her English vocabulary is well beyond that typical of a child her age, so learning French has clearly not impeded her ability to learn her native tongue. She speaks some Spanish now, doing simple math, writing in cursive, completing puzzles and art and crafts intended for 1st grade level children and demonstrating superb social skills.

We have to thank the team at Living the Language for the incredible attention, sincere care, and dedicated effort they have put toward our daughter’s education (as well as that of the other children in the school). If only LTL had a Kindergarten offering . . . we wouldn’t consider sending our daughter anywhere else!

With much appreciation.